I had foot surgery on my left foot for nerve pain in October 2010.  After surgery my foot was casted to tight on the top of my foot, it damaged the tendon that leads to my big toe.  I had seen many specialist and doctors to try and fix the problem which was causing me so much pain.  It was hard for me to walk.  I have had several treatments from Dr. Li Xu.  She has made my chronic pain go down in so many ways.  I have feeling in my toes, I can walk on my scar tissue.  I am also able to wear tennis shoes now.  I am now 85% pain free.  She has confidence in her practice.  I can feel that in her which makes me want to strive for more healing because I know it really works and can be done.  I feel acupuncture is the best natural healing treatment out there.  I would highly recommend Dr. Li Xu for any kind of healing for your body.  Dr. Li Xu is amazing, thank you for all that you have done for me.  - Saydi


I’ve been here eight times and saw immediate results.  After seeing Chiropractors and Doctors, pills, etc. nothing worked.  My arm ached horribly for months.  I almost drove to the emergency room. Finally, after a friend recommended me I came here.  It was the best decision I made in a long time. You will see.  I believe! - Cathy 

After three years of pills, Chiropractic, and Physical Therapy, I came to see Dr. Li on advice from a friend.  The results were better than I expected.  My quality of life improved 100%, and my lower back problem was all but gone.  I have recommended Mind and Body Acupuncture to all my friends and relate my years of pain before I finally came here.  - Greg 

I have been suffering from chronic back pain for over ten years.  I have tried many different ways of dealing with my pain with minimal results.  I started coming to Mind and Body Acupuncture about two years ago and have been coming on a weekly basis since that time. Much to my surprise I found that I not only got remarkable results managing my back pain but have found Acupuncture can have incredible results managing stress, blood pressure issues and when I have a bad chest cold I got unbelievable results.  I am a total believer in the benefits of Acupuncture for as many spiritual and emotional reasons as physical.  I find the benefits to be wide ranging and would highly recommend it.  I now look forward to my weekly treatments for many reasons but most of all the results I have gotten in my quality of life since starting my acupuncture therapy. - Jim

Acupuncture has been a miracle for me.  I had chronic pain in my back and neck for many years.  Many times over the years, I tried chiropractor treatments, physical therapy, and prescription drugs, but my conditions worsened.  When I started acupuncture, I was taking pain pills and muscle relaxers on a daily basis.  My legs were numb and I could not turn my heard to look for cars when I changed lanes which was a significant risk while driving.  I could not even lay flat on the acupuncture treatment table so my treatment had to be while I sat in a chair.  My conditions was awful and I thought that I would lose my mobility.  Now, I no longer use prescription drugs, can excises on a regular basis and enjoy my life.  I wish that I had started acupuncture sooner so my advice to others is get acupuncture treatment now...it works!  I also want to acknowledge that Li s the most giving and caring practitioner.  Li, you changed my life.  Thank You!

My experience with Mind & Body Acupuncture has in the last five month been nothing less than amazing.  For the last three years I have been struggling with painful side effects of neck surgery that was requiring a steady increase of prescription pain medication.  My surgeon could no longer increase my dedication use, and suggested I try acupuncture.  In spite of my skepticism, I began treatments.  It is with great relief I can report that I am no longer on my prescription pain relieves, as sleeping pain free, and the quality of my life has greatly improved.  Without any hesitation, I now recommend Mind & Body whenever an opportunity presents it self.  Your happy patient, - Rudy Lozano


Excellent!  This has been a very good experience helping to get rid me of pain and adjusting my system.  Outstanding practitioner...has helped me with several major health issues thus reversing the condition completely in one instance...and I am currently seeing her for a completely separate issue and having much success this time as well.  Highly recommended!

I have had excellent care for over two years and thoroughly enjoyed the acupuncture experience and have been able to manage many health problems effectively through acupuncture.  The CHP Group - Patient Satisfaction Survey Comments

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